Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Slow Healing

May 23, 2011

Its been two and a half months since Emily's surgery to remove the calcium buildup on her left eye and it is still not completely healed.  It took all of 3 days for the "bandaid" contact lens to pop out and that meant the risk of infection increased and new medicine needed to be used.  At first we tried Tobrex, an antibiotic ointment, but within a week it didn't appear to help heal her eye much and she started showing signs of dry eye again, which is what caused the scar in the first place (after she scratched her eye in January of 2010).  Here we are 16 months later and still dealing with the same scenario...frustrating does not even begin to explain it.

So Dr. Zaidman switched her off of the Tobrex and asked us to use an over the counter ointment called Lacri-Lube.  It's made by Refresh and contains 40% more mineral oil than other dry eye ointments.  Its the lubrication and moistness of her eye that allows it to heal so the additional mineral oil content makes all the difference.

Why can't this healing process just work faster for her???  It's breaking my heart.