Sunday, August 23, 2015

Emily's "Frozen" Birthday!

October 25, 2014

With the news of another transplant on the horizon and all the fear and uncertainty of Emily's future looming over me, I really needed a positive outlet to help me shift my focus onto the brighter days ahead.  So I did what I do best...put together something extra special for her birthday.  I really should have gone into the party planning business, I love it so much.  All the small details really make such a big difference, even to an (almost) 7 year old.

Emily has been OBSESSED with the movie a Frozen birthday it would be!

First up was birthday pancakes and a special October "snowfall" in our dining room! Followed by a Frozen Ice Castle Cake and a Magical Transformation into Queen Elsa! Then a Frozen birthday party with friends at Westy's Gymnastics!

Today and everyday, we celebrate the pure joy and bright light that is our sweet Emily.  She brings life into every room she walks into!

 Happy Birthday sweet pea, I love you more than you know!

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