Sunday, August 23, 2015

Double Doctor Duty

November 24, 2014

Today we did double doctor duty, seeing both of Emily's NY eye doctors. First we went back to see Dr. Zaidman so he could check the scratch on Emily's cornea. Thankfully there was no infection, and the scratch has healed nicely on the surface, but will continue to heal for a few weeks.  Some scar tissue has formed, which was to be expected (been there done this too many times).  Her eye looks better than it did last week which is good news.  Her cornea transplant is scheduled for January 22nd and barring any further complications, we only need to come back on January 2nd to do one last measurement for the cornea.  We agreed that the cataract surgery will wait until after she has healed from the transplant, Dr. Z wants to get a better look at it while she is in surgery.

After we left Westchester we headed down into Manhattan to see Dr. Kane.  IOP was good at 12-14 and he seems to think she will do well with the transplant.  Fingers crossed for no complications with her eye pressure afterwards.

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